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Add a Name & Personalise Your Beanbag


Choose from any beanbag style to personalise


Pick your name placement at checkout. Easy!

Liam and Emma, just two of the most popular kids name in 2017, it's now easier than ever to get your child or friends name on our beanbags. Add a beanbag to your cart and simply select the "Add a name" option at checkout. There's a 20 character maximum just in case your name is Captain Jack Sparrow! oh and you can choose from 2 fonts in black or white.

Note: You can only add one product to the cart at a time if you would like it personalised. Adding two or more at a time disables the "Add a name" option for those products in the cart.

Personalising your beanbag costs just AU$15.00

To brand your beanbag with anything other than a name in black or white please visit our logos page.

* Please allow an extra 2 days for shipping if ordering personalised beanbags.


personalised beanbag